Double Crossed Characters : Zabrina Chao

An immigrant from North Korea, Zabrina Chao, was smuggled to the U.S. aboard a cargo ship when she was 16 years old. The Chinese smugglers demanded more money when she arrived and forced the young, naïve girl into a life of prostitution.

Double Crossed Characters : Anthony “Big Tony” Gallo

His nickname, Big Tony, says it all. A large guy from the time he was a kid. He is Justin “JC” Carter’s best friend when they met as kids. Big Tony has always had JC’s back. A softspoken teddy bear with an enormous heart. But make no mistake, he is not a guy you to mess with when things go down.

Double Crossed Characters : Luna LeRoux

The girl next door. Brilliantly intelligent, and very cute which she hides under the guise of being a nerd. Infinitely in love with her best friend, Stenson Beckett, who she has known since she was in kindergarten.

Luna can be a tomboy at times and has a silly sense of humor with her comeback jokes, especially with Stenson.

Double Crossed Characters : Justin “JC” Carter

Abandoned when he was born with HIV, Justin “JC” Carter spent the first years of his life in a wicked orphanage. As the only black child nobody would adopt, he’s always felt like a broken-toy and unloved.

Double Crossed Characters : Stenson Beckett

Stenson Beckett was born in a small town in Alabama. His family was poor but Stenson didn’t know it. His mother made the shabby double-wide trailer they lived in comfortable and nurturing for the little boy.

He did things little boys do. He built a treehouse with his best friend from kindergarten, Luna LeReux. He joined the Cub Scouts and his mom took him to church every Sunday. He was a happy child until his father destroyed it all.

Stenson’s mother was a saint who loved the boy with all her heart and did everything to shelter him from her abusive, racist, alcoholic husband. One fateful evening, Stenson’s world changed forever when he witnessed his father murder his mother by slashing her throat. The brave little boy tried to fight the man to save his mother, but he was too small and almost lost his life that night.